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How to choose Shandong blow molding machine?

Author: Release time:2019/4/1 14:51:50Pageviews:

For the excellent performance of Shandong blow molding machine, I believe many people understand it. So everyone knows how to choose the right Shandong injection molding machine? In order to prevent everyone from buying inappropriate equipment, the following injection molding machine manufacturers from Shandong will introduce some precautions when purchasing equipment.
  1. Of course, when there is a product, it is necessary to determine the size of the product (outer size, capacity, approximate shape), weight, and the output you need to provide to Shandong blow molding machine manufacturers, let the manufacturers to preliminarily select for you. Some unprofessional manufacturers recommend equipment that is not necessarily appropriate, so we have to go to the factory to understand the situation. Shandong injection molding machine equipment has a single station and a double station. A single station is a pair of molds, and a double station is two pairs of molds. The die has a single die head, a double die head, a triple die head, a four die head, a five die head, a six die head and more die heads. In the same die, the duplex position is 1.3-1.5 times more efficient than the single station.
  2, the price, we choose Shandong injection molding machine equipment is not to say that the cheaper the better, to cost-effective, a lot of customers ask how much money, do not compare, just like buying clothes, look at the price is low, the result is Like buying clothes, it suffers a lot. The same equipment configuration, the stability of different manufacturers is not necessarily the same, the big factory's total return is better, because the supplier channel is not the same, the supplier is of course higher cost. Many people don't understand, they always ask you the same configuration, why your price is higher than his. The price is high, but you are saving, because the machine is less, you have less energy on the machine, and the power saving effect is good. Although you spend more money to buy a machine, you can save money in the long run.
  3, after the sale, Shandong injection molding machine equipment is almost the same as after sales. After-sales service is not only to repair equipment, but also to help solve the problem of the process. References as well as production and market recommendations are sometimes mentioned.
  The above is the precautions introduced by Weifang Yuyang Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd., and I hope to help you.

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