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Shandong blow molding machine operation specification

Author: Release time:2019/4/1 14:50:33Pageviews:

Shandong blow molding machine is based on accurate calculation of die flow channel design, streamlined, no dead angle, can quickly change color, ensure low back pressure, effectively extend the service life of the extrusion system and gear box, and the flow channel of multi-cavity die is reasonable. The flow can easily adjust the multi-layer co-extrusion die with a heart-shaped flow channel. The device uses a double-layer compensation splitter single-layer die. All types of die can increase the visible liquid level design. The device should also pay attention to the specifications when operating.
  (1) Shandong blow molding machine lubricants should be added to moving parts (manipulators, robotic rails, open and close mold rails) before the start of each category. The device arm can be added three to four days. The small chain can be added once a month on a large chain. Always check the final drive and heat the gear reducer.
  (2) Check whether the moving parts are firm before the equipment is produced, loosening the loose screws, especially for local strong impact, and the belt transmission part is abnormal.
  (3) Check the blower high pressure gas source, low pressure gas source, power supply, water is normal.
  (4) Check the emergency stop switch, the safety switch, and the protection device to check if the switch is normal.
  (5) Check whether the heating head of Shandong blow molding machine enters the embryo, and whether the work of the embryo part is normal. Insert the heating head into the embryo and if it is not in place, you need to stop the recovery.
  (6) Blowing machine automatic air supply solenoid valve under normal conditions, each bottle is cleaned once every three months.