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Correct repair method for traffic facilities blow molding machine

Author: Release time:2019/4/1 14:40:11Pageviews:

Traffic Blow Molding Machine is a kind of machine that uses the wind blown out by the machine to blow the plastic body to a cavity of a certain shape. Sometimes the blow molding machine has a problem and needs to be repaired.
  In addition to the usual problem, the blower repairer of the traffic facilities should be recorded according to the “fixed patch” and repair. After calculating, sorting and analyzing the fault data, the fault frequency and uniform disease distance of each type of blow molding machine are calculated, and the fault dynamics and the causes of the single blow molding machine are analyzed to find out the rules of the attack, so as to highlight The main points are to adopt countermeasures, and to analyze the problem information and analyze the material into the program part, so as to organize the anti-repair or improvement scheme, and also as a basis for correcting the timing, viewing content and specifications.
  According to the calculated materials, it is possible to draw a calculation analysis chart. For example, a single blow molding machine fault dynamic analysis analysis table is a useful method for the correction team to deal with faults and other visual procedures, which is convenient for the handlers and repair workers to grasp the types in time. The blow molding machine has a clear problem, and it has clear goals when it comes to determining the repair strategy.
  After the traffic facilities blow molding machine repair workers' normal patrol inspection and blow molding machine status check, obtained status information and fault signs, as well as related records, analysis materials, by workshop blow molding machine repairers or repair group lengths for various types of blow molding If there are doubts about the machine, organize the repairs in time, make full use of the production time or holidays, and prevent the previous ones from manipulating and cutting down the episodes. For some problems, dangers, and normal repairs are not able to bear the responsibility, then the response to the program part of the organization plan repair.
  Usually, the blow molding machine of the traffic facilities should also go through normal inspections, patrol inspections, regular inspections (including accuracy inspection), and inspection of the lack of conditions, etc., and focus on grasping the skills of the parts, tissues and parts that are prone to problems. And anomalous information. Together, we should develop a review specification to determine the boundaries of normal, abnormal, and faulty blow molding machines.