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Talking about the principle and use of Shandong blow molding machine

Author: Release time:2019/4/1 14:17:26Pageviews:

Shandong Blow Molding Machine is a blow molding machine that can reprocess some plastic raw materials or some waste plastic products and produce new plastic products. With the continuous development of China's beverage industry and pharmaceutical industry, even in recent years, Shandong blow molding machines have exploded, and have achieved a leap-forward development.

Shandong blow molding machine adopts modular design concept, including maintenance, replacement of parts, which is very convenient and fast, effectively reduces maintenance costs, and also supports the mixed use of new and old materials, saving customers cost.
   When using Shandong blow molding machine, not only should we pay attention to safety, but also carry out regular maintenance. We must pay attention to keeping the appearance of Shandong blow molding machine machine clean and tidy. Another point is to regularly apply lubricating oil to rotating parts and parts that are easy to wear. Thirdly, the surface of the machine is coated with anti-rust oil. In this way, the Shandong blow molding machine can maintain a good state of operation and prolong the use time.